Are you a veteran? Have you been fully compensated for injuries or illnesses that occurred during or are a result of your military service? If this is a question you have, you may be entitled to treatment and/or compensation. Having an attorney to navigate through the legal process can be extremely helpful.

I am a U.S. Navy veteran admitted to practice at the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. My experience as a Navy vet allows me to better understand the issues you, as a veteran, face. Dedicated to providing quality representation, I can assist you with the legal help in your claims with the Veterans Administration, such as survivor benefits and discharge review cases.

I also have the experience, knowledge, and background for providing general legal help, in the following areas:
• Advising with financial and contractual issues in the formation, purchase or sale of a business.
• Legal issues associated with buying or selling a home, which might be some what intimidating, and if not handled correctly can create long-term problems.
• Simple wills, to protect family interest, preserve inheritances and guidance during a difficult time.

Often it may be worthwhile to speak with an attorney to get advice in any number of issues. A bit of advice now may end up saving money and aggravation later. Before making a major decision, weigh all of your options. Then, if you are still not sure, contact me for a free consultation to discuss possible solutions.
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